4 Common Challenges Employers Face With Recruitment

4 Common Challenges Employers Face With Recruitment

Filling a vacant position in a company is no easy feat. Although there are a lot of jobseekers out there, not everyone is going to be a suitable candidate for the role. For businesses that are hiring – be it permanent, contract or freelance employees – the recruitment process is often fraught with challenges at every step. Before hiring, it is helpful to understand the challenges that come with recruiting new employees. This article will review common problems, along with suggestions for how to improve each issue.


1. Difficulty attracting suitable talents

It doesn’t matter if you receive one hundred applications for a job position if all hundred of them are unqualified for the job. The responsibility of attracting the right talent falls upon the recruiter, who must create job descriptions and requirements that will attract candidates with the desired skills.

After receiving the job applications, having a filter system to sieve out candidates without the right qualifications will help to streamline and speed up the process, reducing human error and precious work hours.


2. Hiring efficiently 

From sending out job postings to conducting interviews, there’s no doubt that the recruitment process can be long-drawn and resource-heavy. On top of wanting to speed up the process to save on these costs, most companies also want to fill up their vacant positions as soon as possible so they are not losing out on productivity.

However, companies should not have to sacrifice quality for speed in the hiring process. Recruiters and companies need to find a delicate balance between waiting for the right candidate and closing the hiring process too hastily.


3. Managing recruitment data 

It’s surprising how much new data is collected just from job applications. Companies with no formal processes in place may spend far too much time manually sorting the data or discarding valuable data of potential candidates for future hires.

Thankfully, Zealys puts all the data you need into one easily accessible platform for future reference. From managing a remote work team to rehiring a past employee, Zealys HR management system makes it simple and pain-free.


4. Building a strong employer brand

Attracting and retaining employees often depends on how you present the opportunities at your company. The number of companies like yours competing for talent can make it difficult to attract top-level workers, but an effective recruiting strategy can help you attract the right people.

Building a strong employer brand can mean telling employee stories through various touch-points, emphasising company perks and culture, and ensuring all interactions with job candidates are pleasant and welcoming.



Recruiting for your company is more than just filling up a position – it is finding the right match for your company with the most efficient use of resources. Many steps in the recruitment process can be made easier with proper training and systems in place for HR professionals.

Zealys is an easy-to-use HRMS software from Singapore with automation features that can help you track new hires and communicate with team members worldwide. It is also an automated payroll software cum staff leave software that handles all aspects of managing your employees seamlessly. Whether you are just starting out or are looking for something to ease the load off your HR team, Zealys can help employers simplify their hiring processes and overcome HR pains.

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