Streamline your claims management

Claim management software for expenses reimbursement

Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to effortless claims processing. Reduce administrative burdens and ensure swift reimbursements for your team.

zealys Claim

Effortlessly manage claims and expenses reimbursement

Seamlessly integrated with our payroll system, our user-friendly platform simplifies the process, ensuring swift and accurate reimbursement for your team. Say goodbye to administrative hassles and hello to efficient claims management.

Automate your claim

Auto-calculate claim based on your policies

Have specific claim policies for your business? Not to worry, our employee claim management system is incredibly flexible to suit your HR needs!

Easy to use

Request and approve claim in seconds

Whether you are an experienced HR or with little to no HR knowledge, the Zealys employee claim management system is easy for any professional to understand and navigate. Requesting for leave and approving them has never been easier.

Our system can meet your HR needs with functions and features that are easily accessible and simple to use. No more jumping through hoops to complete a single task. Pending and approved employee claims will be neatly organised so you can keep track of everything systematically.

Manage your claim and expense reimbursement with Zealys. Stay compliant and hassle-free.

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