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Unlock New Revenue Streams

Partnering with Zealys opens doors to new revenue opportunities, allowing you to earn commissions or referral fees for successful client referrals.

Expand Your Service Offerings

Whether you're an individual consultant or a company offering HR services, partnering with Zealys enables you to enhance your service offerings and provide additional value to your clients.

Access to Innovative HR Solutions

Gain access to Zealys' cutting-edge HR software platform, equipped with advanced features and functionalities designed to streamline HR processes and drive business success.


Choose the right partner program for your business

Whether you're looking to expand revenue streams, enhance service offerings, or access innovative HR solutions, our partner programs offer a range of opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Referral Partner

Join our referral partner program and earn rewards for every client you refer to Zealys. Whether you're a business consultant, HR professional, or passionate advocate for our solutions, you can leverage our innovative HR software to help your clients succeed while earning generous commissions. Ready to grow with us? Become a Zealys referral partner today!

The Benefits of Implementing a Leave Management System for Your Business

Payroll Service Partner

Partner with Zealys as a payroll service provider and streamline your clients' payroll processes with our powerful software. Our payroll service partner program is tailored for companies offering payroll outsourcing services, providing you with access to our advanced platform and dedicated support. Enhance your service offerings, increase efficiency, and grow your business by joining the Zealys payroll service partner program today.

Affiliate Partner

Join Zealys as an affiliate partner and elevate your earning potential by promoting our innovative HR solutions. Our affiliate partner program is designed for individuals and businesses looking to monetize their online presence through referral commissions. Gain access to our comprehensive suite of HR software, dedicated support, and competitive commission structures. Start monetizing your platform and driving success with Zealys as an affiliate partner today.

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Spread the words

Share the benefits of our product & services with your friends and network.

Send us referrals

Just share contact details, and we'll take care of the rest!

Earn rewards

For every successful referral, you'll receive a 15% of their first annual software subscription as a thank-you from us!

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