Automate your Leave with zealys

Leave management software specially designed for Singapore business

Localised for easy usage. Zealys comes pre-set with Singapore statutory leave templates, including all the Pro-Family Leaves, so you have everything you need in one place.

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Fully compliant and hassle-free

With everything at your fingertips, you’ll be having an easier and breezier time managing your employees’ leaves! A system designed to help businesses in Singapore, Zealys leave management system is your one-stop solution.

Our automated system provides statutory leave templates for your convenience. Manage your staff’s leave requests and approvals effortlessly without compromising efficiency.

Automate your leave

Auto-calculate leave based on your policies

Have specific leave policies for your business? Not to worry, our employee leave management system is incredibly flexible to suit your HR needs!
Leave Software Singapore
Intuitive Leave Management System
Our platform can accurately tally data in just a click. No more having to enter numbers and calculate them yourself manually – Zealys is the intuitive employee leave management system that will handle all the complex work so you can work with less weight on your shoulders.

100% compliance

Specially designed for Singapore business

Zealys leave management system is tailored for Singapore business owners and HR professionals, offering a more intuitive solution for managing and organising information for employee leaves.

Leave Software Singapore
Staff Leave Management System Singapore
With preset statutory leave templates available, you can trust our system to assist you in managing different leave policies on our platform. Zealys knows what you and your business need, so let us provide you with the help you require.

Easy to use

Request and approve leave in seconds

Whether you are an experienced HR or with little to no HR knowledge, the Zealys employee leave management system is easy for any professional to understand and navigate. Requesting for leave and approving them has never been easier.

Our system can meet your HR needs with functions and features that are easily accessible and simple to use. No more jumping through hoops to complete a single task. Pending and approved employee leaves will be neatly organised so you can keep track of everything systematically.
Staff Leave Software Singapore

Localising our HR software

As a homegrown company from Singapore, we want our system to be a one-stop platform for local businesses to carry out HR tasks without complications. We want to make managing the people in your company easier, which is why we’ve made all relevant statutory leave resources on Zealys’ leave software.

Manage your leave with Zealys.
Stay compliant and hassle-free.


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