Important Notice: How Polling Day, September 1st, Affects Your Business Operations

How Polling Day, September 1st, Affects Your Business Operations

According to Section 17 of the Presidential Elections Act, Polling Day, scheduled on 1 September 2023 (Friday), will be designated as a public holiday.

The Ministry of Manpower has issued a reminder to reaffirm that Polling Day should be treated in the same manner as other public holidays. Employees who fall under the purview of the Employment Act are entitled to paid holiday on Polling Day. This regulation applies whether employees engage in work on this day or not.

In instances where employees are required to work due to operational needs, there are specific guidelines for fair compensation. An employee who works on a public holiday is eligible for either an extra day’s salary or an alternative day off. 

Employers also have the flexibility to grant time-off-in-lieu, a mechanism hinging on a mutually agreed number of hours worked. This provision is applicable to the following categories of employees:

  • Workmen with a monthly income exceeding $4,500.
  • Non-workmen earning more than $2,600 per month.
  • All Managers and Executives.

To streamline this update, the public holiday on Zealys platform will be auto-updated to reflect Polling Day on 1 September 2023. This automatic update will help you seamlessly manage leave and attendance records in accordance with the new regulation.


For comprehensive details on the public holiday provisions as stipulated by the Employment Act, we encourage you to consult the Ministry of Manpower’s official website here.

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