Best HR Practices You Should Incorporate For Company Growth

Best HR Practices You Should Incorporate For Company Growth

Human Resources is one of the divisions of an organization that plays a vital role in enabling the proper management and growth of the company. From recruiting and hiring to compensation and benefits, HR plays a strategic role in keeping your business running smoothly. Implementing good HR practices can help a company increase efficiency while providing a productive working environment for all involved. The following are some of the best HR practices that you can implement in your business.


Communication and transparency

Clear communication is vital to the success of any company. A successful business involves a smoothly flowing communication system that removes barriers and encourages interaction between employees, managers and customers. Employees should be aware of what is expected of them, as well as how their contributions aid the organisation as a whole. Another way to maintain open communication is to make sure that employees know what they are entitled to receive from your organisation, such as benefits and time off. Transparency like this will help your employees feel appreciated and satisfied with their jobs.


Compensation and employee benefits

In order to attract the best talent to your company, you will need to offer competitive monetary compensation. Paying employees fairly for their contributions is one way to attract and retain good employees, who in turn will help increase productivity. Hence, it is important to offer a competitive base salary and an array of perks. These benefits could be in the form of additional bonuses or non-monetary incentives such as additional days off, or a performance-based incentive plan. This can mean the difference in helping employees stay motivated and happy.


Training and development

Training is a major way to help your business stay on the fast track. Investing in training, education and development of your workforce may seem like an expense, but will always be worth it for the value it brings to both employer and employee. Doing so not only helps each employee reach their full potential, but also makes your business more competitive with a skilled workforce that stays ahead of the game. It also shows how committed you are to your employees’ success, which will increase their morale. In turn, they’ll feel more invested in their job and your organisation – which leads to higher retention rates among talented employees.


Performance Management

One of the most important and often overlooked areas of HR management is performance management. This is crucial in assigning responsibilities and setting expectations, without which, you don’t have a way to determine how well people are doing, what your current level of output is, and where to set future goals. Through performance management, you’ll be able to assess how long it takes to complete tasks, how often employees work overtime or take breaks, which aspects of their job they’re most or least efficient at, and other information that can help you pinpoint areas where more training or resources are needed.



Implementing certain human resources practices can boost a company’s growth. These practices lead to productivity and good work ethics among each employee in the company, which is vital to operational activities. The more you take time to understand best HR practices, the better the performance of your company. Zealys offers HR systems for SMEs in Singapore that can help you streamline your HR processes, as well as payroll softwares for small businesses to mitigate those common payroll management difficulties. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more!


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