The Future of Employee Engagement: Top Trends of 2022

The Future of Employee Engagement: Top Trends of 2022

While many companies recognize the importance of engaging with customers, fewer prioritize employee engagement. However, employees should not be overlooked since they are ultimately the ones who make up a company. Keeping employees engaged is a key strategy to retaining employees and attracting new talents. It is part of any company’s employer branding, which creates and maintains the image of the company as an employer.

Here are the current trending areas that the best companies are focusing on right now.


  • Making employees the voice of your brand

A great way to showcase your company culture and the type of talent you want to attract is by making employees the voice of your brand. You can do this by featuring star employees, introducing new team members, and sharing employee testimonials on company social media pages. But before you can engage employees as brand ambassadors, you must ensure that they are happy with their jobs. Only then will they be able to positively promote your company.

This means listening to their needs and concerns and responding accordingly. It is crucial to ensure that there are ample opportunities and avenues for both employees and management to communicate expectations and feedback, and that everyone is happy with the work environment.


  • Promoting wellbeing at the workplace

The rise of remote and hybrid working arrangements have driven many employees and employers to re-evaluate what it means to have work-life balance. As employees become more savvy about their work rights and prioritise personal fulfilment above salary or pleasing their boss, they want to know that their company takes care of their wellbeing.

Employers have to walk the talk – employees are not won over by free gym memberships or in-office game consoles if they won’t have the time or energy to utilise these services. Promoting wellbeing includes policies that limit workers’ overtime hours, offering sufficient leave days, and subsidised plans for medical claims, insurance, and mental health services.


  • Investing in employee growth and development

Employees don’t just choose jobs based on what they can offer the company; they want the company to contribute to their professional growth as well. One way to retain talented employees is to invest in the company’s human capital by providing sponsored courses and training workshops that help employees develop relevant skills.

When employees feel that their company is invested in them, they are more likely to stay to contribute their skills, and they feel more fulfilled doing it.


  • Integrating key processes with tech

Now that so many companies rely on remote working and global employees, companies are finding ways to overcome geographical barriers. Forget the need for paper documents and files – these days, there’s a tech solution for everything.

Not only do cloud systems allow for collaboration across boundaries, but the increasing popularity of automated software-as-a-service (SAAS) products from HR payroll software to staff leave software makes employees’ lives easier.

For example, a HR management system (HRMS) can help to keep track of employee milestones, congratulate them on achievements, and administer rewards (e.g. perks for birthday and work anniversaries), helping companies engage employees without the need for manual date-checking and follow-up.



Some of these trends will require considerable time and resources to implement, but the benefits will be worth it when you invest in employees who make your business successful. If you are thinking of streamlining your HR processes and increasing employee engagement, Zealys offers automated HR software from Singapore, which can improve connectivity across teams, track your employees’ growth and career progression, and even notify you of calendar holidays for your team in different cities and countries.

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